Lately I’ve been feeling more and more that I want to celebrate impressive and strong women through my artwork. I don’t want to focus on famous people who already are recognised to some extent. I want to concentrate on the ones in my life who inspire, impress and encourage me to strive to be better.

Tarragon (Tarry) Finn is an aerial hoop performer and teacher for Spin Dance Fitness Studio in Frome (run by an equally impressive strong woman, Vicky Peacock). I started going to aerial hoops on a total whim, because I saw an advert on social media. I’d never done anything remotely similar but had always joked about wanting to run away with the circus. So, I nervously turned up on my own and was hooked straight away. I was laughably bad, but that was ok as I’m very able to laugh at myself. Tarry was patient, kind and supportive. She would demonstrate the moves in such an elegant and impressive way, making it seem quite effortless but at the same time I would think “how on earth am I going to manage  that”.  But she always seemed convinced I could do it.

Three years later, I’m still going, thanks to Tarry’s encouragement. I’m definitely better at it now and heaps stronger but still quite a way off magnificent, flexible and elegant Tarragon Finn.