Welcome to The Not So Miserable

I’m Rosie, The Not So Miserable.  Visit my ‘About‘ page for more details about me, the human.

You’ll notice that i’m not addressing you in the third person.  This is because my other life is spent behind a computer happily embracing technology (arrggghh). I aim to include this site as part of my artwork and an extension of the creations themselves. I’m currently enjoying using words to add a story to each piece. The ideas don’t tend to come from nowhere, so i’m giving you (the lucky viewer) an insight into what on earth I was thinking!

So, you want to see some actual artwork?

You can head straight to the ‘Artwork’ page or you can search for categories like; paintings, drawings, science fiction etc. to get right to what you’re looking for (avoid the nonsense).  Isn’t that handy?!

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