Miller Moth

The Miller Moth (Acronicta leporina) can be found in British woodland as well as other parts of Europe. This was drawn using a symmetrical drawing guide on the Procreate app for iPad Pro. More of a graphical representation than a true to life drawing. It’s ghostly white appearance is striking against the black background. 

Self portrait

Self portrait using Procreate on the iPad Pro. I love experimenting with different mediums which you’d never be able to layer in real life. This one was a mixture of pastel, graphic pen and oil paint. The mimicked textures and feel are really not bad when using an Apple pencil.

Visitors of the Night: Tentacled Mischief

This tentacled mischief is far more troublesome than his horned beast amigo. He is faster and more likely to cause harm. Part plant and part alien inspired, he is a result of watching far too many science fiction films. You’re likely to hear a hissing and whipping sound as he climbs your stairs in search… Continue reading Visitors of the Night: Tentacled Mischief

Visitors of the Night: Horned Beast

The night-time always attracts such wonderous beasts. There are many creatures in mythology and dark fairy tale who carry the Satan or pan-like horns. In sketching this beast I had in mind not only Maurice Sendak’s ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ but also the fabulous Eduardo from animation ‘Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends’. I love… Continue reading Visitors of the Night: Horned Beast

Dark Web

This one is a partner piece to ‘Web for All’, it reveals a flip-side to the opportunities the World Wide Web provides. Where there is space for good, there is also room for something else. I am always fascinated by the contrast between dark and light and an acknowledgement that this may not be the same… Continue reading Dark Web

Web for All

I have always been fascinated by exploring the concept of light versus dark and the blurred edges between. This painting was created with its opposing partner ‘Dark Web’.