Special Birthday Calligraphy

I was asked to do a commission for a ‘special’ birthday for my client’s mother.  It was such a beautiful card already that I was slightly terrified to touch it.  And with its pop up centre, there were some practical issues too!!  I was rather pleased with the results and lack of smudges.

Wedding Calligraphy

This was a little bit of calligraphy I did for a wedding between two of my best friends.  I’ve always been really interested in typography and was lucky that my local college ran a short calligraphy evening course.  It gave me a great starting point.  It’s really satisfying to be able to say something you… Continue reading Wedding Calligraphy

Crane Fly: Deceased

When small creatures expire, they often do so in such an elegant manner. The crane fly is a fine example, with its great long spindly legs creating interesting shapes and intriguing shadows. Living a short fast life of clumsy bumbling, when they lay to rest they are almost like ballet dancers. Disclaimer: All deceased insects were discovered… Continue reading Crane Fly: Deceased